15 Best & Fun Restaurants in Dickson City (PA)

Dickson City is a Lackawanna County town, in Pennsylvania, United States. Its population in 2021 was 6,033. The city was once prominent for its coal mines.

With its lush environment and charming attractions, Dickson City has a lot to offer tourists and visitors. The food scene is filled with eclectic flavors and exciting moments. Your visit is only complete with the taste of the city on a plate.

Whether you would dine in some local spots like Loading Dock Bar & Grill or more exotic food places like Casa Bella, you will not go wrong with your choice. Greek, Italian, Mexican, and Southern hospitality, are the primary offering in the city.

Are you planning a food tour of Dickson City? Here are the best Dickson City restaurants.

Best Restaurants in Dickson City, PA

1. Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse

Among the popular Dickson City restaurants is Texas Roadhouse. It provides the finest food and service in a welcoming environment. The menu has everything you crave, freshly made and served hot to entice your appetite.

From hand-cut steaks to fall-off-the-bone ribs, freshly-made salads, fries, sauces, and bread, you will always find something piping hot on the menu. Besides, your meal is only perfect with a glass of cold beer or a nicely mixed margarita.

Everything served in Texas Roadhouse is outstanding, and the servers are trained to put your comfort first. So whether you come for lunch, dinner, or a late-night meal, you are spot-on with your choice. Finally, for a fun evening and casual dinner, invite your loved ones to have a taste of their favorite.

Texas Roadhouse is open on Monday to Thursday, from 3 – 9 10 pm, Friday, from 3 – 11 pm, Saturday, from 12 – 11 pm, and Sunday, from 11 am – 9 pm.

Address: 4011 Commerce Blvd, Dickson City, PA 18519. Phone: +1 570-383-5358

2. Greek American Grill

Greek American Grill

Starting your day with a deliciously prepared Greek meal with a Southern twist is something you should crave on a beautiful morning. Greek American Grill makes unique dishes in an unpretentious atmosphere.

There is a lot to order on the menu; all are flavorfully created and satisfactorily filling. You should not step out without tasting a deliciously prepared Gyro Platter with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and pita bread. Another irresistible option is the Chicken Souvlaki Platter, with a side of Gyro salad or fries.

Another outstanding feature of this magnificent food place is BYOB-friendly, a way to save money while enjoying your favorite drink. The pleasant servers will quickly attend to you whether you are in for a quick bite or a relaxing meal. Besides, breakfast, lunch, or dinner is guaranteed if you spend all day in this local spot.

Greek American Grill is open on Sunday to Saturday, from 6 am – 9 pm.

Address: 540 Scranton Carbondale Hwy, Dickson City, PA 18508-1116. Phone: +1 570-382-8137

3. Smiler’s Grill & Bar

Smiler's Grill & Bar

This is a place to stop for brunch while passing through the town, as it’s one of the best places to eat in Dickson City, PA. Smiler’s Grill & Bar serves eclectic dishes with amazing tastes. There are many specialty foods and favorites on the menu; you would love virtually all of them.

If you come on Tuesday, you should order the special Wings; Wednesday, you can go for Great Steaks; and Thursday, Cheeseburger will be nice. There is something on the menu throughout the week to entice your taste bud.

If you want to avoid any of the daily specials, gourmet tuna wrap and chicken Caesar wrap may be what you need. In addition, a fine selection of martini or cold beer will be perfect for a relaxing mood.

You should not worry about the price because it is quite affordable. Stop in for a family or friend reunion for unforgettable fun over a mouthwatering meal. Just like the name suggests, you will always leave with smiles.

Smiler’s Grill & Bar is open on Sunday to Saturday, from 11 am – 2 am.

Address: 600 Main St, Dickson City, PA 18519-1567. Phone: +1 570-383-0041

4. Loading Dock Bar & Grill

Loading Dock Bar & Grill

This local spot puts quality and quantity at the forefront of its service. Loading Dock Bar & Grill is a convenient location with a friendly atmosphere and affordable price. Besides, the menu is large enough to accommodate your craving.

All the items are well-cooked and presented neatly to entice your appetite. For example, a sandwich of turkey melt on a pretzel roll and a cold beer or soft drink will make a perfect lunch. Chicken wings in sauce served crunchy and hot are another sandwich option guests keep talking about.

If you prefer intimate dining, the indoors is dimly lit and release a calming effect. You can also come with your group for a meeting or just relaxation. Whatever the case, you will not be disappointed in this fine dining.

Loading Dock Bar & Grill is open on Wednesday to Saturday, from 11 am – 8:30 am.

Address: 1206 Oneill Hwy, Dunmore, PA 18512-1709 – 2.7 miles from Dickson. Phone: +1 570-346-7391 

5. China Palace Inn

China Palace Inn

You will thoroughly enjoy your visit to China Palace Inn, as everything seems like a travel down to China. It is an excellent choice for varieties of tastes and premium ingredients. Besides, the atmosphere is friendly and warm, with excellent service that is second to none.

A plate of General Tso’s chicken and veggies will make a welcoming meal. If you want something off the usual, Chinese pizza should be on your plate. Cold noodles in a sesame sauce are delectable; you should try it.

While coming to this favorite spot, feel free to bring your own bottle so you can complement your meal with a drink you truly crave. There is also the option of takeout if you are in a hurry. If not, stopping in and relaxing with friends and family is the best bet.

China Palace Inn is open on Sunday to Saturday, from 11 am – 8 pm.

Address: 1013 Commerce Blvd, Dickson City, PA 18519-1679. Phone: +1 570-383-2323

6. Casa Bella

Casa Bella

If you want to enjoy the taste of authentic Italian cuisine in Scranton, you should look no further than coming to Casa Bella. It is a neighborhood gem with teasing aromas that stimulate the appetite. Besides, there is something for people with dietary restrictions on the menu.

So, come and relish the best Italian flavors after a stressful day. If you are a seafood enthusiast, start with Linguine Ai Frutti Di Mare, made with clams, calamari, shrimp, and mussels in a marinara sauce.

Alternatively, Veal Tre Funghi, made with veal scallopini mixed with mushrooms in a marsala wine sauce, will make a great meal. Then, a glass of Shrimp Cocktail will balance the equation.

The highly professional and attentive servers will ensure your comfort is given the utmost attention. Casa Bella is one of the top restaurants in Dickson City, PA.

Casa Bella is open on Monday to Thursday, from 4 – 9:30 pm, Friday to Saturday, from 4 – 10 pm, and Sunday, from 3 – 9 pm.

Address: 330 W Market St, Scranton, PA 18508-2712. Phone: +1 570-969-9006

7. Happy Valley Sports Bar

Happy Valley Sports Bar

Happy Valley Sports Bar sounds ideal if you are looking for a food place to make your regular spot once you come to Dickson City. It is a local sports bar that offers a variety of tastes you will cherish. Moreover, only freshly sourced ingredients make it to the kitchen and are served hot on your table.

If you need clarification about what to start with, pretzel chicken tenders in bourbon sauce are excellent. This is because so many items like cheeseburgers, nachos grand with beef, wing hoagie, and pizzas grace the menu. Besides, the portions are right for your appetite.

Don’t forget that it is a local sports bar. So, you have a selection of beers, wines, and cocktails. Relax on the patio if you step in for a casual dinner. However, the dining room is also pleasant for a quiet, energizing meal.

Happy Valley Sports Bar is open on Wednesday to Friday, from 3 – 11 pm, Saturday, from 12 pm – 2 am, and Sunday, from 12 pm – 12 am.

Address: 516 Storrs St, Dickson City, PA 18519-1455. Phone: +1 570-382-8210

8. Ipanema Grille

Ipanema Grille

Ipanema Grille, opened in 2006, is a fine steakhouse in Scranton, PA. It serves all classes of people, regardless of where you are coming from. Remarkably, all ingredients are freshly sourced, which is evident in the quality of the meal.

The vast menu has something for everyone, and you can make new favorites if you wish to. The fire-grilled chicken, pork, beef, lamb, and turkey that are served on skewers are topnotch and famous for attracting guests. Pair your choice with a plate of fresh salad and a glass of cold drink; you are good to go.

Variety, quality, and quantity are the hallmarks of this great Brazilian-American grille. So, get ready to have an extraordinary time with other guests or your friends who visited with you. So, you are not only having delicious meals; you will have an unforgettable experience that is worth the visit.

Ipanema Grille is open on Sunday to Thursday, from 5 – 9 pm, and Friday to Saturday, from 5 – 10 pm.

Address: 1911 N Main Ave, Scranton, PA 18508-2003. Phone: +1 570-558-0742

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9. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

Whether you are a local or visitor in Dickson City, you will love to drop by Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and satisfy your craving. It is one of the best places to eat in Dickson City, PA, if you seek where to indulge your taste bud in an amazing burger. There is a lot to go around, and guests cannot stop gushing over their choices.

Combine your burger with sweet potato/French fries, salads, or boneless wings. They are served fresh, hot, quick, and appealing, whichever you choose. A good choice of beer or pink lemonade wouldn’t be bad if you want to enjoy relaxed dining.

Aside from the reasonable price and extraordinary service, you will enjoy a friendly, casual, and family-friendly ambiance. There is seating for the kids if you want to bring your little ones along. You can call ahead to reserve your seat. A visit to Red Robin is worth a try.

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers is open on Sunday to Saturday, from 11 am – 10 pm.

Address: 1235 Commerce Blvd, Dickson City, PA 18519-1757. Phone: +1 570-489-0060

10. Primanti Bros Restaurant and Bar

Primanti Bros Restaurant and Bar

Primanti Bros, opened as far back as 1933, is a fantastic spot to enjoy loads of sandwiches, pizzas, and burgers. It is an American-style restaurant and sports bar with everything you would love. The ambiance takes you back to the early 90s, keeping you calm and refreshed.

Stop in for a fresh meal of sandwiches, wings, burgers, pizzas, sides, and appetizers. You will enjoy happy-hour specials at amazing prices if you come after work. Pair your food with a glass of ice-cold beer and let it go smoothly with each sip.

Open for only indoor dining; you will enjoy the dining room’s ambiance and the nice décor that releases a welcoming vibe. You can also order online without stress. Regardless of what your appetite desires, the incredible offer here will keep you returning for another round.

Primanti Bros Restaurant and Bar is open on Sunday to Thursday, from 11 am – 10 pm, and Friday to Saturday, from 11 – 12 am.

Address: 1249 Commerce Blvd, Dickson City, PA 18519. Phone: +1 570-230-7811

11. Katrina’s Pizza & Hoagie

Katrina's Pizza & Hoagie

This exceptional diner fare serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night meals. Of course, you can’t go wrong with any choice of red or white pizza. Katrina’s Pizza & Hoagie is conveniently located and perfect for pickup and delivery service.

Try various options like pizza, subs, wings, desserts, and Texas wieners. Whatever you crave is on the list; the prices are reasonable for your pocket.

This friendly neighborhood spot is impressive for a birthday celebration or meet-up with your friends and colleagues. The ambiance is refining, ideal for a casual dinner.

Katrina’s Pizza & Hoagie is open on Tuesday to Thursday, from 6 am – 10 pm, Friday to Saturday, from 6 am – 11 pm, and Sunday, from 6 am – 12 pm.

Address: 813 Boulevard Ave, Dickson City, PA 18519-1517. Phone: +1 570-489-8955

12. Basilico’s


Basilico’s will be ideal if you are looking for an excellent spot to host your family and friends in Dickson City. It serves a superb selection of dishes, including pizza.

You can order Killa Chicken Parm, chicken breast with marinara sauce; it is all delicious. Alternatively, you can go for Chicken Francaise, thin slices of chicken, and side pasta with salad. Veal Saltimbocca, pizza by the slice, and fried calamari are also available, served hot and delicious over a glass of wine, beer, or soda.

Basilico’s does it right, so you will savor your meal delightfully. The quality of service at a great price is worth repeating a visit. Its services has earned it a position among the list of the best restaurants in Dickson City, PA. The laidback ambiance makes a perfect dining experience.

Basilico’s is open on Monday to Saturday, from 11 am – 10 pm, and Sunday, from 11 am – 9 pm.

Address: 608 Commerce Blvd, Dickson City, PA 18519-1672. Phone: +1 570-341-0422

13. A Little Pizza Heaven

A Little Pizza Heaven

Like the name, A Little Pizza Heaven is a little heaven that has existed since 2006. It is family-owned and operated, providing residents and visitors with delectable Italian food. All dietary needs find solace in dining in this beautiful food place because of the diverse flavors it offers.

Pizzas, seafood dishes, pasta dishes, appetizers, sandwiches, soups, and salads, are among what you will find on the menu. For example, try the Frutti Di Mare in a red sauce. It comprises scallops, clams, shrimps, and mussels over linguine. The food portion in the eatery is enormous, and it would be wise to share or take the leftovers home to continue the fun.

Come on Saturday nights and meet with locals who come to share exciting moments with friends and families in a welcoming setting. Although casually decorated, this local spot brings jolly souls together for a memorable experience. The service is usually cheerful and quick; there is no better way to describe it. Finally, it is BYOB and kid-friendly.

A Little Pizza Heaven is open on Tuesday to Thursday, from 11 am – 8 pm, Friday, from 11 am – 9 pm, and Saturday, from 3 – 9 pm.

Address: 2015 Boulevard Ave Unit 1, Scranton, PA 18509-1244. Phone: +1 570-347-4977

14. Jersey Mike’s Subs

Jersey Mike's Subs

If you crave some comfort food, you will be glad to drop by Jersey Mike’s Subs, as it’s one of the top Dickson City restaurants. It offers delicious sub, and the size is perfect for one serving. Besides, those allergic to gluten can request a special meal that will be served according to their preference.

Start with a special order of Jersey Mike’s traditional cheese steak with lettuce, tomato, and pepper is a fantastic bargain. You can also build your own hoagie or sub, and the servers will attend to you well.

Due to the special dishes, the place is a bit pricey. But it does not have any effect on the food quality. The atmosphere is cheerful for a quick bite during lunch.

Jersey Mike’s Subs is open on Sunday to Saturday, from 10 am – 9 pm.

Address: 539 Route 6, Dickson City, PA 18508. Phone: +1 570-344-2973

15. Legends Saloon

Legends Saloon

Dining in Legends Saloon feels like home. It is a small-town bar with a variety of specialties for each day. Besides, the menu contains a mix of American, Italian, and Polish items. So, there is enough to go around, and the servers are willing to help you make your choice.

Tacos, quesadillas, Stromboli, salads, steaks, and sandwiches with sauces are great items to try on a cheerful day. Request a good wine, beer, or cocktail to pair with your meal.

In addition, the service is always timely and efficient. Drop in for brunch, lunch, dinner, and late-night meals. The ambiance is pleasant for a casual dinner with fun-loving folks. Live entertainment is also available for guests’ amusement.

You will not be disappointed coming here for a delectable meal. It’s no surprise it’s regarded one of the best restaurants in Dickson City, PA.

Legends Saloon is open on Sunday to Saturday, from 11 – 2 am.

Address: 750 Boulevard Ave, Dickson City, PA 18519-1539. Phone: +1 570-489-0900

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Plan a Visit to Dickson City

Dickson City is a place you should endeavor to visit and have fun. The numerous Dickson City restaurants give the option of eating just anything you crave.

This carefully-selected top restaurants in Dickson City, PA, will help you decide which restaurant is best suited for you. Endeavor to check them out.